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The audio diary of a perfectly ordinary IT guy

working at an extraordinary company.

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Grig "Punkie" Larson (b. 1968) was born in Cyprus on British soil, the only son of a pair of Swedish-American descendants. He grew up in Northern Virginia, finding fandom through D&D, FanTek, and Rocky Horror. He works as a Linux systems administrator by day, and by night he's masked vigila--er... uh, an author, open source advocate, and works for the DC Rollergirls. Somehow he fooled enough people to be the president of Katsucon Entertainment for 3 years, where his staff ran a 15,000 attendee anime convention. He also works for Onezumi Entertainment for Intervention and Regeneration Who. There’s no shame in his game.

Nobilis Reed is a veteran podcaster with over ten years experience, producing the kind of podcast he wanted to hear, because nobody else would.  This is his first venture into producing a "clean" podcast.